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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

I haven't done this for a few weeks, but thought I should make an effort today; well get Thomas to make an effort and take the photo for me.

Apologies for the 'orrible colour in the photo, new camera (thanks Flybuys) which isn't so good at night.   However, you can still see what I'm wearing.
I'm wearing this year's perk from work which is a Merino/Possum dress in the Bluewash colourway.  Love this dress, but I have to wear it as a tunic, not quite long enough for winter otherwise
Also wearing my new Wranglers moleskin trousers.   Wranglers are the best fit for me in jeans, they don't have that great big gap in the small of the back that most do, so I was really pleased to find these on special online.
Shoes are my navy lace-ups.  Lovely and comfy.

This was a practical outfit, spent part of the day on the floor cutting out curtain drops from lining.  The curtains are all now cut out, I just have to sew them up now.  I had to go out and get more lining this morning as I only had 7m and needed another 7m.  I ran into one of my brother's ex-flatmates from years ago working at Spotlight, a bit of a surprise, but nice to see him again.

Boys were due to be home tonight, but they keep sneaking behind Grandma's back to go on the computer.  Ian wanted to come home, so instead they're staying a second night so as not to give him what he wants.  When they get back there will be no computer or Xbox for them tomorrow, or this weekend for that matter.   The computer cord has been removed and will only be put back for homework for a bit I think.  Both boys are completely obsessed by electronic media, they're not getting sick of it unfortunately.   I think perhaps I'm going to have to start blocking lots of websites, somehow make it so that they can only access Sumdog.   If research is needed they can use my computer for school only.

Just working on a little more spinning, thinking I might have to do some carding for the gotland though as it's not spinning as smoothly as I'd like.

Knitting, not a lot happening as it's Tour de Fleece so knitting is on the back burner.   I did try swatching with my mohair singles though, I've now pulled out a cobweb weight yarn to knit with it to help support it.  The yarn is a little too fragile and needs some help; it broke.

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Kelly @kiwiwomensstyle said... Best Blogger Tips

Maybe this dress would be comfortable for you with coloured tights? Love the merino fabric and it does look super comfy!

Know what you mean about jeans with a gap. I've just discovered Levi's demi curve and they were worth every cent. Thanks for the tip about Wranglers though - I'll keep an eye out!

Nice to 'meet' you at Wardrobe Wednesday :)

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

It would probably be great with tights, except I haven't owned a pair since I had my eldest son (9 years ago).
Haven't tried the Levi's demi curve, but suspect that they'd be good too. I know that the Wranglers are though so if I see them at a good price I get them.

Notchka said... Best Blogger Tips

Merino and possum - nom nom, I can just imagine how super soft and snuggly that dress/tunic feels!!

Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the dress -such a neat design and colour and Yay for finding jeans that are the perfect fit - I have yet to make that discovery! hope you guys manage to find some balance with the technology obsession!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

It is lovely to wear, so glad I chose it this year!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Took a while to find those jeans, found the first pair on the NZ Sale website and took a chance, I was lucky, very lucky! I used to wear Jeans West basic jeans, but there was still that gap. I didn't want to buy expensive jeans either, not with having kids and cats.

Naomi said... Best Blogger Tips

Did you knit that dress? Well done. It looks so nice and snuggly. Nice to see you at Wardrobe Wednesday.

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't knit it, I work for a knitwear company that makes Merino/Possum garments and once a year I get one free item. I am wanting to knit a dress, but it'll probably be more of a sheath style and a much thicker wool. This is more like light fingering weight and I don't have the patience for a dress in that weight! I do love the dress though, even if I can't lay claim to making it.

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