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Friday, July 06, 2012

More spinning

Today the boys were off with the Autism Society for most of the day so I got some time to myself.   I got another 2 bobbins of Gotland spun long-draw, but had to stop due to a complaining shoulder; not used to long-draw yet.    I then shifted to spinning my normal way with some Alpaca/silk which is lovely.

I also went to Fabric Vision to get the remaining plain fabric for our king-sized quilt.  They didn't have the same colour as I already have so I got a slightly darker shade of the same green which looks good with it.  They didn't have quite as much as I wanted, but with the old green and some yardage from the original collection I should be fine.    I did a layout on the bed yesterday and I'm going with a medallion style quilt.  The middle will be a 6x7 arrangement of the blocks with borders around that of possibly both greens; maybe with a block on each corner as well.  No photo's of all that at the moment, I need to concentrate on the spinning and there are curtains to do too.

Grey Alpaca with silk in blue shades

Long-draw Gotland
Tomorrow I'm at the guild so more spinning will get done, probably no sewing though.


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