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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Offline for a day or two, maybe

Tomorrow our carpet is going down in the lounge and hall (if the snow lets them get here), so today we're ripping it up.  I don't know if I'll be able to get online as the computer won't be in the lounge any more and our broadband may or may not work plugged in elsewhere.

At the moment this is what it looks like outside:

This is the earliest we've ever had snow in the winter; heck, it's only just winter!   Kids are home from school as it's shut, personally I don't really think the snow is bad enough for that and I don't come from somewhere it snows on a regular basis!  

At least I got the second loo fixed yesterday; it's been leaking into the bowl for quite some time, finally took it apart and replaced the washer yesterday and now it's working well; such a nice change.

On the knitting front I'm at the heel turn for both my single socks; might get more done tonight seeing as I'm on leave from work; would be really nice to get to the next stage on both of them.


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope the carpet and carpet layers manage to get through!!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Me too, would hate to have gone to all this effort for them not to turn up!

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