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Thursday, June 21, 2012


The weather here has been absolutely miserable for the last few weeks.   Sunday we had a little break in the weather but it was freezing!   Luckily I'd covered the car as the boys were part of the What Now studio audience and had to be there at 7am.  Thomas took them and it went well, both boys had fun even though it was cold.  Aside from that one day it's been wet and cold the whole time.  Today we had a small break in the weather; it was drizzly this morning but cleared and we've had sun and we got over 10 degrees celcius (just).

 You can see the result of all the rain on the bit of the drive that got dug up back in March

Today I got the carpet remnants dropped off to be overlocked; should get them back next week before school holidays which will be great.   I've picked up a couple of activities for the holidays as well, some Hama beads (the pirate pack) and some Origami paper.  Hoping it'll be fine as well so we can get out of the house.

In sewing news I've done nothing, work is too busy at the moment and all I've managed is to get the fabric out to make new curtains for the boys room and the sewing room.  Have to check how much lining I have and also how much tape before doing more than the boys ones though.

Knitting has been a little more productive; I've made 2 socks, but not finished a pair yet.  I've also just committed to another test knit for a pair of socks for Thomas.   Not sure if I'm allowed to share details at this point, so that's all I'm saying.

I finished this one today, the knitting was done yesterday, but had to graft the toe.   Love it and have cast on for its mate.   The other sock will be a fraternal twin, same pattern, different order.   Wonder if I could reverse it?

The other sock is the first of a pair, the test knit for Morag of Vintage Purls, love this sock too.  I only had to complete one for the test knit so the second will be done after I finish my second patchwork sock and if need be will be put aside for the other test knit.

These need photo's taken during daylight with the good camera and someone else to take them, too hard to photograph your own feet and have it look good.

I'll be going to an Alpaca spinning course this weekend, will probably only take the not-so-good camera as alpaca's are horribly dusty and I don't want to ruin the good one.  Looking forward to it though!


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