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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carpet is in!

It's beautiful and squooshy and lovely on the feet.   Having the old stuff left in the dining room really emphasizes the difference.   Wish EQC would get their A into G so we could get the dining room sorted; but we can't do anything till they give the claim to Fletchers.    In the meantime I'm going to appreciate the squooshiness of the rest of the house and continue to shift stuff back into the right places.   Most has moved already, but there's some fabric and yarn and books to move still; lots of books in particular!

Once everything is shifted there will be some sewing to do.  The boys room needs new curtains and to be honest so does the sewing room.  I have the fabric, hopefully I have enough lining fabric as well as the fabric I'm using for the curtains are not thermally lined.  That probably won't happen this week though, I'm back at work after a weeks holiday and it's Ian's birthday party on Saturday.   Sunday both boys are joining the audience for What Now which is a New Zealand kids programme.  They're really looking forward to it and one of Ian's best friends from school is going to be there as well.   Downside is it's a really early start; they need to be there at 7am!

So, my to do list:

- Finish shifting things back to their rightful places
- Curtains for 2 bedrooms
- George's quilt
- Finish 2 pairs of socks
- Get ready for Tour de Fleece spinning

I think I might be busy for a while.   I'd like to make myself some more clothes too now that I've lost some weight I have less stuff that fits.


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