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Saturday, June 09, 2012


Today I have been really busy and had very little help.  Thomas is at a judo coaching course all today and tomorrow so I've been clearing out the bedrooms for the carpet on Monday.  The only thing left in them is the beds now; I've shifted several pieces of furniture out, vacuumed under where the beds were after shifting them, cut the carpet away from the edge of the wardrobes and lifted and rolled the carpet in the sewing room.    On top of that I've fed the boys, kept them away from the computer for the first half of the day and made a roast lamb for dinner.
Oh, and when opening the curtains to the silly little window above our bed I discovered that some of the curtain gliders had died, and there was a patch of water from condensation, plus lots of dead flies so cleaned that up too; ick!  New gliders; lots of holding my arms above my head so now my shoulders are not best described as happy.
No knitting at all, no gaming and very little sitting down time at all.   In a few days time I get to do it all over again, in reverse.   I keep telling myself it's worth it, and I know it is cos I love the new carpet; but at the moment it just feels like bloody hard work.

Tonight Thomas will have to help me get the carpet out of the sewing room and tomorrow once he gets home we'll shift our bed into the lounge and lift our carpet, the boys beds will shift too, but their mattresses will stay in their room and first thing on Monday those will move and we'll lift their carpet.  No way anyone would get any sleep with the lot of us in the lounge on Sunday night.  Won't take long to do though; I've already done all the hard work!


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