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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Carpet and snow!

First up the carpet; this is what our lounge did look like
And this is what it looks like with new carpet; I'll take another photo once the furniture is back in but it's wonderful!  We went with the thickest underlay available so it's nice and bouncy; the only problem is it's quite dark so it's hard to see the cats at night!

Snow day yesterday, this is what the boys got up to:
The family snowman; a great effort by the males in the family; I provided the eyes and nose

Snow angel!

Snowball fight!!
Then there was the cat play
Cat in motion; chasing her sister who was camera shy

What's this strange thing my people are doing?
This morning's fine day showed a couple of changes from yesterday
The towel on Thomas's motorbike last night; standing up by itself this morning!

Our neighbour's tree which is now our tree apparently, lol.   It's broken in 2 places so will have to be cut back on the weekend; it's vulnerable to disease in its current state.

And finally my knitting progress; none made today as the doors were all open, no fire and my hands were unresponsive.

There's the equivilent of a whole sock between the two of them; both have turned the heel.  Tomorrow I should get more done as I'll be able to keep the doors shut and the fire on.


Truly Myrtle said... Best Blogger Tips

Your socks look cool - the long ones will be super warm.
As Kiwi's in the UK we're enjoying looking at your pics of the snow - my kids loved the frozen towel!

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