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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finished Object Friday

Ok, so it's Saturday now but I did finish these last night.    I was planning on going to the guild today but Thomas isn't well so I've worn them instead.

Meet my Patchwork Socks
They're the reverse of eachother which I really like.   There's a mix of yarns in there.   Opal, hand-dyed, 100PureWool, indie dyed, Wandering Cat Yarns (Jungle Cat in Vampire), Regia, hand-dyed, Handmaiden Casbah Sock, handspun, Vintage Purls, handspun silk, handspun Merino/silk, Vintage Purls, WCY (Jungle Cat) and finally Regia again.   Nice and comfy too.  I will make more of these, but not straight away.

I'm also spinning, Tour de Fleece officially starts at midnight today here, but I've started today simply because I won't be up at midnight.  I've filled 2 bobbins with blue Romney and will probably get some more done tonight.   Once the Romney is done I have some Gotland to do; though some of that will also be used for dryer balls.


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