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Friday, January 06, 2012

Kindle cover

After the usual cleaning and tidying today I got onto making a case/cover for my Kindle.   I used this tutorial to make it; really it's a touch bigger than I really wanted but it'll do nicely till I have time to make it more suitable.  I did make some changes; it's just one fabric on the outside, you might recognise the owls from a prior post and I attached a button to close it too; the original had some nice applique but no closure.  Normally I tend to use snaps, but the positioning of it would be risking damage to the Kindle; that and the button was perfect!
Closed with Kindle inside

Open, see Kindle peeking?
Once again completely from stash which is nice; still plenty of the owl fabric left too.

I promised a photo of the spinning too; here's the two different lots of fibre:
Left is the Merino/Silk and right is the Alpaca/Silk batts

Merino/Silk singles so far
Love the look of this so far, very pretty and helps to make me feel better about the previous lot of Merino/Silk that I gave away to a friend.

Also got a spare battery for the good camera today; always good to have a spare and thanks to another friend we got it for a good price.

I'm going to have a look at my fibre stash over the next fortnight and thinking I might spin something up for a giveaway, would people prefer a singles yarn, 2-ply or 3-ply?   Also what weight?  I can manage most things, it won't be as even as millspun, but that's the charm of handspun.


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