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Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been a few days of things being faulty.    First I found out that the fact that my Kindle's left hand page turn buttons didn't work was in fact not normal.  This morning I returned it to Dick Smith and upgraded it to the next one up at the same time; I didn't think they would do it, but they were quite happy to!   All the buttons work on this one.  Unfortunately while I was charging it my USB hub that I had it on had a hissy fit and now keeps cutting out my keyboard and my portable hard drive so going to have to get a new one of those; looking for one with an independent power source so I can plug it into the mains.   I use it for charging as I can't use it for the printer as that throws wobblies on a hub.   Soon we'll be setting up the new printer, but I really need to use up the last lot of ink in the old one first.

Not much knitting, work's been busy.  In fact I've claimed 30 hours this week which is 1.5 times what I normally claim.  I have however almost finished cleaning out the conservatory; about to get back to that now.


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