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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just a quick post today.   Earlier this week I got George a watch from the Timex range as I'm a bit fed up with his lack of time-telling ability.   The new watch has the minutes on the outside so as well as 1-12 there is also 5-55 which is making a huge difference!  He's absolutely thrilled with it which I like too
It's a nice masculine watch for a wee boy who's quite conscious of these things.

Ian got a new schoolbag as his old one is dying.   The new one is grey and teal plaid and he really likes it too.  No pics yet I'm afraid, but it's a good size without being huge.

He went into hospital this morning to get his teeth pulled; really did not like it and tried to leave a few times.   He fought the anaesthetic but didn't win so now has 2 less teeth, a filling and all the fissures in his teeth sealed.  The dental surgeon also approved of us using tooth mousse to try and prevent further issues.   He woke up a lot better than he went down, possibly because they'd called me in to keep him calm.   An iceblock later, removal of the lure and he's at home on his computer.  Trying to keep his hands out of his mouth and the computer does a good job of that.  He's not hungry yet, but is drinking which is the important bit.   More pamol at about 1pm and I'll keep an eye on him.   I did manage to get a couple of repeats done on my socks while waiting for him which was good.

He won't be quite so happy this weekend though; will be severely limiting screen time since school starts back on Wednesday next week.


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