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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning Out

Now that we're back home we've started tidying and cleaning out the house and garden.   Thomas wants an Asian themed garden across from the lounge window so we're going to be building up that bed; filling it with stones and putting some pottery in there.  I wanted to grass it over as it's full of couch; horrible stuff and really hard to eradicate, so we'll have to spray in there for a few months before we put the stones in.   The main thing slowing us down is the size of our green bin, it's going to take a few weeks just to clear all the weeds out of that section alone.

In the house we're working on the conservatory atm; it's where the boys toys currently reside and they have so many they get bored with them.   We've removed my yarn, it's now under the boys bed.   The pile on the floor is getting smaller; some of it will be given away, some sold and yet more just thrown out.   Got to try and persuade grandparents not to give the boys cheap crap from China.   I don't mind well-made stuff, but some of it has such a short lifespan it's a complete waste of resources to buy it, and as long as people buy it they'll keep making it.   The good stuff is going up for sale; there's a wooden castle that the boys haven't played with it for some time but was well loved in its day, a Cabbage Patch doll that's actually a boy is another, just have to wait for him to dry.

On the crafting front nothing much has happened over the last few days.   Been busy working and tidying; just been no time for my stuff.  I do want to finish the Mermaidia socks fairly soon though and also the Central Park Hoodie.   I've been gifted the pattern for my next cardigan which is a 4-ply (fingering) weight cardigan similar to those in the 1950's with a small piece of colourwork across the chest area in an argyle pattern.   I'll be using some Purewool I've got; the main colour is a periwinkle, the contrast is a multicoloured yarn which goes from dark green to deep pink.   I'll still be working on the shawl too as well as Mandorla socks and Ian's jersey and some spinning.  I found 2 more bags of the Merino/Silk in the pink that I'm currently spinning so I'll be able to do a 3-ply once I've dized it.


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