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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just one more week

Of school holidays that is.   Busy week coming up, probably much like the last week.  I know I have a meeting with another member of the Weavers and Spinners guild on Monday morning as well as dropping the boys to their holiday programme, dropping off some work and tidying at bit.   The afternoon I'm visiting a friend and I'll have to get things ready for the next morning as well.  Dropping George off at Grandma's after the holiday programme so we don't have to worry about him while Ian's having his dental surgery in the hospital.  Might see if Grandma can drop George back home after I get Ian back as I'm not sure if he'll be up to toddling across town to get his brother after that.  2 teeth to come out and a filling as well; hoping they also seal the rest of his teeth.

Friday night I got confirmation we have a hedgehog on the premises as the cats alerted me to something outside and I looked out the bedroom window to see Hedgie toddling into the garage.    I decided to rescue him as he wouldn't find much edible out there and could get hurt; my rose pruning gloves were pulled on and out I toddled.  I found him in the back corner attempting to get under an old office chair; he'd got himself stuck!   So after a bit of shifting around of stuff I managed to pick him up and took him outside near our deck so he could hide under it.   No photo's I'm afraid, I figured he was already stressed sufficiently by me picking him up.    He seemed very healthy though, no sign of fleas or mites and a good turn of speed too.
He should be happy in our garden, lots of slugs and snails.

Yesterday I went to the guild to a gap filling event.  As it was cold and windy outside several of us headed into The Colombo (Sydenham Mall) and spun there after getting permission from the business next to us.
My wheel is the one on the left; I didn't bring my camera so had to use the one on my phone.   I'm spinning very fine Merino/Silk as I was in a previous post.   I'm almost halfway through the first bobbin; then got 2 more bobbins to go after this one is complete.   I found some more of the fibre in the stash which means I can make a 3-ply yarn; more work, but I love the way a 3-ply looks.

Today I let Thomas sleep in, but had to sneak back to get the camera when George spotted this wee guy on the window.
Isn't he gorgeous?  You don't normally get to see these guys from the underside.  I had to use the flash as otherwise there was no real detail, downside of that is we can now see just how many scratches are on the glass.

In knitting news I've finally actually done some!   My first Mermaidia sock is complete.  I made it much shorter as I wasn't sure how much yarn I had left; turns out I could have done at least a couple more pattern repeats, but I'm actually really pleased with the look of the sock at bobby-sock length.   The only thing I'm not sure about is that they seem slightly longer in the foot than my original pair despite being the same needle size; it may just be that this yarn knits up differently, it has bamboo instead of nylon in it.  The yarn is Wandering Cats Yarn Jungle Cat in the Vampire colourway; it's more pink than red, but I figure that's due to the bamboo component.

It really isn't easy to take good pictures of your own feet.  These will be lovely summer socks.  I've cast on for the second one and will be taking it with me to the hospital on Tuesday; it's a fairly easy pattern to knit.


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Love the gap filler thing - it's awesome - bringing craft to the world.

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