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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm back!

Just in case you were wondering I didn't forget about my blog, but I didn't want to advertise that we were away on holiday!   We've just got back from a wonderful week in Nelson, the weather luckily had nothing to do with the forecast each day which was good as the forecast was rain every day.   We had 2 days with a bit of rain, but nothing too bad. 
Thomas and I turned slightly pink; the boys didn't.  We went to the beach, the hydroslide (the boys loved it, I screamed and only took one turn down it as I found it positively terrifying!), some shopping (there's yarn and a new handbag), WOW (no photo's as you're not allowed to, preferred the one at the Canterbury museum), lots of driving.   I'll post a proper breakdown later after I've had a chance to download the hundreds of photo's I took, plus the ones the boys and Thomas took too.  That'll probably be tomorrow sometime.

I did get some knitting done, I'm 3 pattern repeats into the leg of my first sock; foot and heel done while on holiday.   I also got good use out of the Kindle and have now read Agnes Grey and  a bunch of other classic books.


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