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Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Path

Today I went to visit a herbalist I last saw when pregnant with George, he did what he could but had to stop at a certain point so as not to risk the baby.    Today I resumed my journey towards health with him
I suffer from what the doctors diagnosed as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome); it's one of those umbrella terms that is used when they don't really know what's wrong but they've tested for all they care to.
I've suffered with it for about 20 years now, mostly getting the runs, but of late there's been constipation as well.  It was time to go back to the one practitioner who'd made any difference; Richard Whelan.
I came out today with some hope that we'll get things sorted.   I also came out with an appointment in 2 weeks, a jar of psyllium husks and a bottle of a nasty herbal concoction.  I've already started taking them, and have to ensure I keep my water intake up too as well as increasing exercise.
Tomorrow I'm going to the doctors to try and get on the waiting list for a colonoscopy to check and make sure there's nothing more sinister going on, I don't think there is, but some of my symptoms could indicate that; so better safe than sorry.
One good thing, Richard doesnt' think I have IBS as I'm not tense enough and in his experience most people with IBS are very tense; I decided some time back that worrying and stress weren't worth the effort, being laid back is much easier and better for you.   It might take a while, but I now have hope to develop and maintain normal bowel function.  For those of you that have that already, take care of it, you have no idea how much it's worth!

In the meantime I'm getting back to my knitting, not far to go now to finish my Jetty.   I'm also going to go for a bike ride tomorrow, yes, even if it's raining.  Exercise is going to help with the rest too and I'm sure if I'm healthy I'll get more knitting done!   Thomas has an order in for a pair or two of socks since he loves the ones he has so much.   I have the yarn (Vintage Purls Max in grey) and have chosen a pattern too.   I will have to finish my socks first though; won't take long once Jetty's done, I'm decreasing the gusset stitches at the moment.


Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

My boyfriend has IBS too - and you're right, it's frustrating. He has some luck with a naturopath, but it gets so expensive. We've narrowed down a few foods that he has to limit or avoid all together.... but sometimes nothing seems to help.

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