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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabric stashing

I might be on a yarn diet, but today I did pick up some quilting fabric and a couple of other things while I was out with Mum today.
We went to The Joy of Sewing's sale first in Riccarton and I came out with 4 pieces of fabric.
from left to right we have a a nice blender in a dusty teal, a lovely Asian inspired print with gold on it,  another blender in a dark grey and a full A-Z flower fairies.   The Asian print and the flower fairies have company with other items in my quilting stash and of course the blenders are going to be useful with almost anything.

From there we went to a craft show which proved to be highly biased towards quilting.   There was however some other stalls to look at including the lacemakers guild and the embroiderers guild.  I ran into an old friend there, I used to work with her in Telecom (both of us have a dislike of phones from that), and she was in the Weavers and Spinners guild too until she got too busy.  Was lovely to catch up with her though.
Entered a couple of competitions (fingers crossed for the sewing machine and the Go Baby!   Would love either or even better, both, lol.
I picked up a Stitch Magazine from one stall, really like those mags, but dont' like the postage price that Interweave charge to send them to NZ.  I also got some wool felt from Stitch.  I don't like the acrylic version and although the wool one isn't traditional felt it'll do quite nicely to craft with the boys.  I also got some batik style quilting fabric too; one fat quarter and 2 charm packs for a small quilt most likely.
4 colours of felt here, lime green, burnt orange, deep red and black.   The Stitch mag (should I get a sub for this?) and the fabric.   Distressed Threads dye the fabric themselves and it's gorgeous!   Now I really do need to clear up the sewing room so I can get started with all of this.

Had a great day though, didn't overspend and I think Mum enjoyed herself too; we'll have to do it again.  We used to head into town from time to time, but that's not an option at the moment unfortunately.   We could take the boys to the Museum this holidays though, that's open again now.

Right, time to get Ian ready for bed.  George and Thomas are at Judo camp this weekend so it's just the two of us.  Hoping to get some gardening done, a little cleaning and tidying and possibly some work, my boss would like the last one.   Ian was asking to learn to knit earlier too, so I'll see if he's still keen; though I've promised him some computer time too if he helps me with the gardening.


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