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Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is too short for bad fibre

as a result of this I've just biffed 1kg of Merino carded fibre that was going to become a 3-ply yarn for the boys.   I wasn't enjoying it, it was full of neps and VM and was basically a pain to spin; every time I went into the sewing room it was glaring at me.
So, this afternoon I took the big bag out and emptied it into the bin, then the bump I had ready to spin and then finally removed all the singles from the bobbin I'd 3/4 filled.    I feel much lighter, now I can spin something nice!

I've not done this before, in the past I've persevered despite bad prep and the yarn has never been worth the effort.   Well, I sort of did before, but I did spin up a whole skein first so that doesn't count.

I don't mind stuff that I find hard to spin because I've not done it before, I've got that issue with cotton and also linen, but that's my fault and it will teach me something.   In fact I'm going to try a different prep of cotton next and see if that's any better.  If not I have some gorgeous BFL that I got in the latest fibre swap.   Now that the weather is warming up I can start prepping my own fibre too; no-one to blame but me if things go wrong with that


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