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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What to knit next

Thomas' socks are on the needles and I'm almost up to the gusset increases, done some hexipuffs and sent them up to Knitsch but I'm feeling I need something else on the needles.   I could have gone to my queue on Ravelry, but have decided to try something different.   I have a few yarn boxes in the conservatory; this is not ideal yarn storage simply because of the light levels in there and the fact that Ian keeps taking my fabric covers off the yarn boxes exposing them to light.   My next project is therefore coming from those boxes.
I've got some Naturally Landscape which has been the stash for some time and really needs using.  It's not a colour which would suit me, but I think will look fine on the boys so it's going to be a jersey for next winter for one of them.
I'm using a pattern designed for another 10-ply yarn by Naturally and I hope it'll work well.   I may end up making some changes, the pattern has a pocket on the front, but I think it would work better with a kangaroo style pouch which would be easy enough to knit on the fly I think, and I can do it after the rest is done to ensure I have sufficient yarn.

I've done  a wee bit of sewing too, no photo's I'm afraid as I haven't got around to that, but the skirt is finished and has had several compliments.  I'm really pleased with it, not just because I finally have a skirt that is long and from wool, but also because it's different from anything anyone else has and looks really good!  I will take a photo, but probably won't be for a few days unless I can persuade one of the boys to take one tomorrow after school.


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