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Thursday, September 15, 2011

WIP no longer!

This seems to be a good week for finishing things.   Not only have I finished Jetty, but today I also finished my Bug Out Mittens!   This is a basic finger up mitten that I've designed especially for use with colourwork.  I can't lay claim to the colourwork pattern itself as that belongs to Morag of Vintage Purls, it came from last years winter sock club. 
When I write up the mitten pattern I will be putting it up on Ravelry for free, once I work out a range of sizes it will then change to a pay for pattern, but I'll probably still leave the base pattern as a freebie.  The bugs are available on Ravelry to purchase as a sock pattern if you want them; and I reckon you do!
I'm really pleased with the way the second one went; the first one was a slight fail on the thumb attaching to the mitten; the second was perfect.
the second one is the one on the right.   On the first one you can see a definite jog where the thumb was joined on; on the second only a slight colour change in the foreground colour which happens with hand-dyed yarn anyway so no biggie.   They're currently blocking on my new mitten blockers and looking lovely!

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