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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Scott Base Socks

I finished the first sock today, I've used 51g of yarn which means I'll be short on the second sock.   I have hopes that someone might have a little left over and if she does then I should hear today, if not then I have another similar colour that might work if I alternate rows near the toe; luckily it's not a solid colour.   Keeping my fingers crossed for leftovers though.

Without further ado here is my first Scott Base Sock!
I think I need a larger sock blocker for Thomas's socks, mine are just too small and don't show the detail well at all.  I do have to say I love this sock though, it's squishy but still feels robust and it looks wonderful on!    The second will be slightly delayed though due to me needing my Central Park Hoodie; that shouldn't take too much longer now that I've decided to get rid of the hood in favour of a collar.

While I'm knitting the 2x2 rib on that I might watch a couple of Craftsy's free courses.   I've already watched Sewing Machine 911 which was really useful.

The next 2 free Craftsy mini-courses I'm going to take are:
1. Short Rows which should be handy for all sorts of things, at the moment I have to look it up each time I want to use short rows, being a visual learner I think the course will help immensely on this.
2. Know Your Wool , yes I have lots of books on this, but I think it'll be very interesting to actually hear about them while I'm knitting.
Check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here.  There are quilting, cake and knitting ones that I know of and probably others too.   The interaction on these isn't with the tutors, but other students instead which is I think a wonderful thing.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a photo of Star as she was while I was working hard on painting the house
It is so hard to photograph a black cat properly!


Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

"Scott base" is exactly the combination of words that'll make me click.

Wanderingcatstudio said... Best Blogger Tips

Star certainly looks comfy!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the name and the pattern, I suspect it may end up being my go-to pattern for Dh's socks.

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Your sock looks perfect! thank you for the reminder about the free craftsy classes, I must make time to watch the ones I have paid for too!

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