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Friday, May 24, 2013

Service may become intermittent

Tomorrow the protection people come in and cover stuff up, things like carpet, furniture and the recommendation is to remove electronics from rooms that will have plaster dust, which means this room.    Considering our internet service comes from here too this could get interesting, everything will have to move to the sewing room, which has no plug for the internet.   I might be able to put it in the bedroom, but can't be certain till I try it; that room may possibly get a little plaster too as there is a dent in the wall.
I'll try and take photo's as things go, but to be honest I think we'll all be in survival mode.   Boys won't have their computer either, so it'll be the sort of survival that happens in the wilderness, except without the fascination of bugs and things to keep them busy.
Oh, and there won't be any sewing going on, no room in there if all the electronics end up there, I'll be knitting and working, full stop.


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