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Friday, May 17, 2013

Being Creative in Other Ways

Instead of knitting and sewing I'm DIYing and tidying.

I am getting a little knitting done, but not much I'm afraid.   I've just reached the thumb gusset stage on the first mitt for Ian's teacher aide, but it's not going very fast due to all the other stuff I'm doing in preparation for our repairs.

I've taken all the wallpaper off the shower room now, done the plastering, discovered some of the plastering originally done is best described as "shonky" and touched up some of that.  I'm going to have to get some of the mold treatment stuff Resene sells as there is mildew on the walls where the sheets of wallpaper met.    No point in replacing all those sheets though as eventually we'll be redoing the whole room with a new shower and it'll all go then, this is just a stop-gap measure.

Next room to strip will be the laundry, but I can't start that till the red bin is emptied as it's completely chocka and the recycling bin is not suitable for wallpaper.

As well as the above I've also met with the painter and project manager and we now have an order that the rooms will be done in, first room is the boys room along with the bathroom/toilet/shower area.   Bathroom won't take long, it's just the door surround, so that won't be overly disruptive and the boys room is just the ceiling so also won't be too bad.   Our room is the walls, the lounge is the ceiling and the dining/kitchen/laundry is going to be messy as it's floor (not earthquake related), walls and trim.  We won't be able to use that room for about 10 days, so no laundry, cooking etc.   I might get some paper plates, it's not ecologically sound, but it might help keep us sane.   The boys will have to re-use their school clothes more than normal or I'll have to handwash.   I'm praying that no bugs hit in that time, also that youngest doesn't wet the bed.  I think we'll have to put the washing machine in the bathroom till it's done, fridge in the conservatory and dryer in the hall.   Microwave and BBQ meals might be the norm plus takeaways which the boys will love!

I need to get more tidying done in the sewing room so I can move stuff around and out of the way, there will obviously be no sewing as that room will no doubt end up filled with furniture from elsewhere in the house, I'll have to make sure I have everything I need for knitting accessible.
First thing is to put all the yarn that's in there in safe places, some is already in boxes apparently (according to Ravelry) so I'll put those ones where they should be, find spaces in boxes for the newer stuff and that's going to make a big difference!  I'll be back once that's tidy, wish me luck.


Sonya said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like you have a plan, and an end in sight. I hope things aren't too traumatic while it's going on though.

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