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Thursday, May 09, 2013


Got given a date for our repairs to start today, it's not far away, in fact it's this month!    We'll be living here during it which will be interesting, hopefully most of it will be done in the day while the kids are at school.    Before it all starts though I have a few jobs to do.

1. Strip the wallpaper in the shower room so they can put a new ceiling up easily
2. Get any sewing done now, so that's the mending pile and also the present for Ian's teacher aide who left yesterday (whoops).
3. Make a meal plan for the time we won't have the kitchen and make sure we have everything we need to do dishes in the bathroom.
4. Get the fan/light/heat unit for the shower room as the existing one can't be ducted and is therefore not legal to reinstall.
5. Clean, tidy and get rid of stuff we don't have any need for; this is the biggie.
6. Spend one full weekend learning to weave while worrying about all of the above.    Didn't know this was coming when I booked that in though.

Funny how much easier this would be if we had the garage already, but we don't so we'll muddle through and once it's done (before the school holidays all going well), we'll look back on it and say "that wasn't so bad", or possibly "thank god that's over!".   I'm hoping for the former.

However at the end of it I'll be able to tell what's left for me to do to get the place up to spec, aside from painting what will be Ian's room to disguise what they did to the wallpaper in there.   Our room and the kitchen/dining will be all painted.   I'll need to do the laundry; I wonder where the paint is for that?   Probably in storage, it'd be nice to do that while everything's out of there too, but might not be practical.

Wish us luck!


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

oh goodness! all the best I'm sure it will get done and if not you'll all cope somehow :o)

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