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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - Decade of Style

My chosen decade is the 1950's.  I'm rather fond of the 1910's through to the 1950's but I don't have a lot of the earlier styles in my wardrobe.

Today's look is a melding of today's and yesterday's styling.  I'm wearing a Merino mock-wrap top with a cotton voile full circle skirt with a petticoat under it.  Shoes are my Doc Martens and my hair is down after I cut it on Sunday.
Love the swirl on this, can you tell?
I revisited my "to do list", I'd felt like I was getting nowhere, but in fact I've finished several items now

1. Curtains - done - done on last list, only thing done
2. Quilted Ladder of Doom for each of the boys
3. Test-knit socks for Val - on the needles
4. KAL for Mary Mary vest
5. Knit mohair cuffs
6. Finish Garnet Socks
7. George's Quilt
8. Polarfleece Vest for Thomas, take pattern from his old Telecom one
9.  Our quilt
10. Finish Central Park Hoodie (long term WIP)
11. Make Thomas another pair of socks
12. Finish my pink shawl, it's been on the first row for some time now.
13. Finish plain socks (this may end up being my travel project) - another inch done

So, I've finished another 3 items and done some more on 2 more.   I'm fairly happy about that.  I'm concentrating on number 3 right now, getting closer to the toe on the first one.

Finished Ladder of Doom.  Ian is the dinosaur, George the dragon.  The rungs are velcro so we can move them up and down.


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

You look really cute - love the spin it's so joyful!

Notchka said... Best Blogger Tips

Wheeee! Yes I can tell :) I love this picture of you!! Good job on the to do list by the way - I read somewhere that humans in general vastly overestimate what can be done in a day but underestimate what can be done over a longer period of time. That's food for thought, and like you I've started to think more big picture and celebrate the progress on goals, even if they aren't complete.

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