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Monday, August 06, 2012

All Dressed Up

On Sunday we had a baptism to go to, Thomas is the Godfather so we absolutely had to go.   Another family were having their baby baptised at the same time and it was worked in with the normal service.   We're not religious so it all felt a bit odd to us, we both believe that there is a higher power, but we don't believe in the Christian version of that belief.
George and Ian were both well behaved aside from a wee moment where Ian asked very clearly in a lull "Can we go home yet Mummy?", could have been a lot worse though as he was getting restless for a while. 
Here's what we looked like, first family photo for a while (love the tripod!).
The boys borrowed ties from their Dad.
We've determined a distinct lack of any good clothes.  George's shirt is really too small, it's a size 6, Ian has no good pants, the cords were the best option.    We put an order through to Pumpkin Patch for new button-shirt for each boy and a nice pair of pants.   They're large enough that the boys should fit them for a while.
I was wearing my favourite me-made skirt (wool blend A-line) and a double-breasted jacket made by my work.   Thomas wore his work trousers, a jersey from my work and one of his more formal shirts.  I think I might have to get him another jersey at some point, possibly my next work freebie might be for him.

In other news I've got further on the test knit sock; onto the gusset decreases.
I've also got the "Ladder of Doom" ready to bind, hope to get that finished tomorrow.  Was going to do it this morning, but the IBS kicked in and I considered myself lucky to get the boys to school.


Sophie Slim said... Best Blogger Tips

Just curious, whats the role of a Godparent if you don't believe in God?

Cute family! First time I've seen you all together! And now I'm wondering where you work with all these sweet freebies you're getting!??


Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I believe he steps in to look after her interests in the event both parents are taken too early. They're not overly religious either; the ceremony was more for the Grandparents who are Anglican. The parents are fully aware we're not religious and are ok with that as they know we'll do our best for the wee lass if something should happen.

Thanks for the compliment! It's been really hard to get a decent family photograph up till now, but the good camera and tripod will mean we'll do a few more. I just need to learn how to use editing software to crop properly. Oh, and I work at WEFT Knitting Co Ltd where they make Merino/Possum garments. I work from home and once a year I get a free item of clothing on my anniversary. It's something I appreciate as we wouldn't be able to afford to buy them new, they're a bit of a luxury item.

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