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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forever Young Socks

I knuckled down today (despite having youngest home with a nasty cough) and finished the second sock that I was test-knitting for Val.   I whoopsied slightly on my kitchener stitch; still not sure how but aside from that the socks look great and fit perfectly.  I do want to try the pattern again sometime with them longer and maybe try to extend the pattern into the toe if I can work that one out.   
The yarn is Wandering Cat Yarns Top Cat in the colourway Peter Pan which is why I called them Forever Young.  
I need bigger sock blockers if knitting for Thomas

I need more light to get an in focus shot, but you get the idea.
This just leaves me with 3 knitting WIP's.   My Central Park Hoodie (longtime WIP, next to get worked on), my Frangipani Shawl in pink which I really want to get finished; should be beautiful.   Final item is my basic socks which are really just to fill in and be easy to knit when out and about.  They're in Zauberball plied sock yarn and should look great once done, just a little boring to knit unless in a waiting room or similar.

Tomorrow I'll have to do some work instead of knitting, hopefully Ian will be well enough to be at school.  He was pretty bouncy today despite the cough and I've told school he won't be at the school production on Wednesday and Thursday night as his cough gets worse at night and would be pretty disruptive.  That and it's pretty cold in the evening and often wet at the moment too.

I might sneak in a little knitting tomorrow if I can manage it though, CPH needs to be worked on in the day as it's navy blue and hard to see during the day.   I'd love to get the back finished as it's the most complex cable-wise.


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