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Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Stash and Crafting Space

I thought it would be nice to show you where I craft and some of my stash today; partly this is because of the Moda Bake Shop: Show Off Your Stash Link Party but it's partly because I do actually want to show the normal state of affairs here.

My quilting stash is kept separate from my yarn, garment fabric and fibre stashes, no photo's of them as they're all over the place and too hard to photograph.   This is my quilting fabric stash though:
Hutch dresser with most of my fat quarters in the bottom part behind the batting. Left drawer is current projects, right drawer is my pre-cuts.
Scotch chest with dress form and some of my magazine collection

My magazine collection , some fibre and my coverhem machine

Overlocker, steam press, more fibre and my sewing library (includes beading and quilting books)

The work table, covered in stuff as well as Bernie; my main machine and spinning gear.

Ironing board with steam station and all my sewing patterns.  Wardrobe to the right, full of more supplies.
 In a few days no doubt it'll look tidier as I need to clear some working space for my next projects.  

In knitting news I'm 12 rows off the heel flap on Thomas' sock
Second sock
And starting to put together my stuff for Glentui this coming weekend.   Thomas and the boys will be staying home, not much choice on that as I'm taking the car.  2.5 days of uninterrupted knitting and spinning, yay!


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

love seeing your craft space - I might join in too :o)

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

It's kind of fun to see what other people work with, mine is messy atm as it's the dumping room as well as my craft room. Eventually it'll be George's room, but not till the new garage is built at some unknown future time.

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