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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Halfway There

For two things actually.  I had planned on spinning some Gotland today, but couldn't face lugging it all to the guild, so instead I bought some Merino/Silk once I got there and spun the first bump while there.

The "seconds" fibre, because of the white bits; which I actually like.
The yummy results of the first bump spun up, took under 3 hours including dizzing it.
I also finished the first sock for Thomas

Sock before grafting the toe, love the river winding along the side.

A good fit, he'd prefer it longer, but his leg is quite well developed and we'd need a different ribbing to fit higher.

On the sock blocker, which is too small as it's size 8 and Thomas has size 10's
Now to cast on sock 2, spin more Merino/Silk and Gotland.   Today we also got some work done on the driveway and some gardening done; tomorrow the weather forecast is for horrible rain yet again.

Tomorrow if it's raining I might do some baking, need some for Tuesday as I'm hosting a spin-in.   I'll also be tidying again, it was all tidy on Wednesday but has deteriorated already, sigh.  

Oh, and one last thing, on Thursday I popped out to Tai Tapu Woolcarders, the car coped well which is a good omen for taking her to Glentui and I got some fibre for teaching spinning at school; Leo gave me a good price on it which was nice of him seeing as it was coming out of my budget.   I just have to get the dowling and cuphooks to make the spindles now.   I did get sidetracked by one other thing, I love sheepskins but didn't want to spend a lot on one as Star is likely to destroy it; he had smaller ones especially for pets at a good price so I grabbed one for Star.   She loves it!   I will be going back, it's changed so much since the last time I was there, and it's all for the good.


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