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Monday, April 09, 2012

Who'm I kidding?

A wee while ago I cast on for a sock yarn blanket, started with the Hexipuff pattern but decided I really couldn't be bothered with knitting twice the distance and then having to stuff the things.    I like hexagons, but these things are silly small and I'm not going knot them together which means lots and lots of handsewing.  Instead I changed to another hexagon concept, still in fingering yarn.  Really don't know what I was thinking; if I ever do a blanket it has to be in thicker yarn and I think crochet might be good being so much quicker.   Like the ripple style blankets though I might have to purchase some extra yarn for that later.
In the meantime I'm frogging what I've done so far and will instead make many multi-coloured socks for the family and me; eventually.
These are the options I'm considering, I'll have to increase my crochet skills for all of them as I've never done granny squares or chevrons.
Chevron blanket
Modified Granny Square
Hexagon Granny's

And for the using of multiple bits of sock yarn I'm looking at these:

The last two patterns are fairly plain, but that's not necessarily bad.   What do you guys think?   Which blanket and which sock pattern?


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