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Sunday, April 08, 2012

A lovely day

It was another lovely day here today, a good example of Indian Summer.  I spent the morning starting to get my fabric collection into a spreadsheet; 2 boxes are done now which is good.   Some of it may end up going on Trademe as I'll never use it, don't really need much suiting nowadays.  I'll keep the really good stuff and there won't be any wool or silk being sold, but the poly suiting has to go.

After lunch my parents came around to give the boys easter eggs and pick up some lemons from our tree as it's gone nuts.  The boys enjoyed their eggs and then we packed up the car to go for a bike ride over in Bottle Lake Forest.   Unfortunately somewhere along the way the basket from my bike came off so that's $50 down the drain.   I'll have to get another one at some point as it's been really useful; though the panniers that are coming will help take up the slack.  We had a good ride, went a little under halfway before needing to turn around, but we all enjoyed it.  My bike's not a mountain bike though so was having some issues on some of the looser surface areas.  I didn't take the good camera, but the cellphone has a camera as you know so here's some I took with it.

Top of the hill, using Daddy's cellphone to take pictures

The sea off in the distance

And much closer!


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