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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday #16

I'm actually cheating slightly today; I took the photo yesterday while I was home without the boys; today I'm wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt as they're home and we'll be baking.

Yesterday I was wearing my full circle skirt with the new petticoat I made on the weekend.

The petticoat on Bonnie

Excuse the slippers, wearing the skirt over the petticoat with a t-shirt I made a month or so back.

see the petticoat?   Loving it, I feel 50's but not too 50's.
Boys had a good couple of days at Grandma's.  George went bike riding with his uncle and cousin, and got to play guitar with Grandad.  Ian played with his younger cousin the first day and spent the second asking nicely to come home, we think it's because his cousin wasn't there the second day and he was feeling a little lost.

Today is baking lots; some for my weekend away the rest to keep the family going while I'm away!     This weekend I'll be in Lindisfarne with a group of friends, my sewing machine, some quilting and some knitting; should be fantastic!   I'll take the camera too, not sure if it'll be the good one or the not so good one yet.   Probably the good one as the other one doesn't capture movement well.


Notchka said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the petticoat!

Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

oh love that petticoat - very 50s in a good way!

Handmade in the Bay said... Best Blogger Tips

I want your petticoat!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry, I want it too. Pretty easy to make though; I used a tutorial off Gertie's blog
I used nylon tulle instead of organza as I don't have any organza in the stash right now. I want to make one in silk at some point though.

::The Beetle Shack:: said... Best Blogger Tips

it looks amazing. I'm loving that tee too!

Slippers go with EVERYTHING in my book!

xo em

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