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Friday, April 27, 2012


Hasn't been a lot of that this week due to a fair bit of Assassins Creed Revelations on the Xbox and a lot of time spent trying to get hold of EQC chap with no luck.

There has been a wee bit though.  I've received some fabric from the US; the fabric I won plus some I bought to fill in the bag.
on the left Domestic Bliss jelly roll and fat quarter pack that I won, on the right dark Kona jelly roll and Vintage Modern charm pack that I bought.
The Vintage Modern charm pack has inspired a little creativity; I've just started making a table runner for our new coffee table; this is it so far:

Just pinned, but gives you an idea of how it'll look. 
I also spent my remaining spending money on some Vintage Purls yarn, nothing left now so I can't get any more fabric for my main quilt, but I do have enough to keep going on for the moment and it's not like I'll need it right away; not when I get distracted this easily!


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