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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Things that we're happy about, plus updates

New duvet cover to replace the one youngest cut with nail scissors; love it!
George's new hiking boots for his camp in May; he loves them, we didn't love finding them so much; not many options in hiking boots for kids unfortunately.

Not the most flattering photo, but love the dress.  This is my annual bonus at work, a Merino/Possum dress in a dark smoked blue.

Latest Vintage Purls installment from the summer sock club. Not sure if I'll be able to go in for the winter one, need to save for the garage etc.
As well as this I've got all bar one carpet quote in and the final one knows he has to get it in tomorrow as we have to make a decision.   We're going dark grey no matter which quote we pick and extra heavy duty 100% wool loop pile.   House should be warmer this winter!

Spent more money than planned this last month, George's camp required things we didn't have so as well as the shoes there was some clothing and wool socks too, plus the camp fees.   I've cast on a new hat for him too in a singles yarn which is a mix of acrylic and wool in lime green; good colour for teachers to spot him.
Spent today turning up hems on his trousers for this winter.   On Sunday I finished 5 woollen t-shirts for it as well; they suggested thermals, we don't do thermals.  I firmly believe wool is much better; especially if you get wet.  As a result of that spending I'm putting some things on Trademe as I come across them to try and improve our finances, especially as we have other things to do like some fence posts to replace.

Ian's mittens are much wider than George's despite being same weight of yarn and same needles; it is a different yarn though and not sure how it'd look on smaller needles as the fabric is fairly dense already.  He's happy enough with the size so far so I'm just going to keep going; once George's hat is finished.

I've finished spinning my latest lot of singles, so now just have to ply.  The yarn is Merino/Silk/Alpaca/Mohair and will be a 3-ply.   I've also dyed some Mohair for the guild's challenge this year; I'll be spinning it as singles to make a shawl; loving the colour!
There will be photo's later, too dark at the moment, but it's a beautiful purple with oomph!

Got to keep trying to get hold of the EQC chap; his phone was busy yesterday and today and he didn't phone after I left a message.   We need to show him the quote we have and what it includes so he knows what we're expecting him to match on; we're also hoping that he might be able to use the company that did the quote as they did go beyond the call of duty and I'd love to be able to reward that.  Also need to know if we should put the carpet down as soon as we can or if things will happen soon with EQC if we should do them after that; can't wait too long though.

On a kitty note Star disappeared again yesterday; found her this afternoon.  She was locked in our garden shed poor lass.   She forgave us really quickly though and I'd hope she learned a lesson too.


Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

That dress is so pretty! must be decadently soft...

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Very soft and fuzzy; I haven't been able to wear it yet though. After not having a real summer, the last week has been too warm!

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