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Thursday, February 03, 2011

A big step towards fitness

I went down this morning and put the deposit on a new bike.  I have 3 months to pay it and the bike rack off, and I don't get it till it's paid for, but at the end of the day I'll have a new 21 speed road bike with front basket (for shopping) and a bike rack that can carry 4 bikes so we can go farther afield as a family.
It's not the bike I'd originally thought I was wanting, but after trying a similar one to that and also the one I'm getting I decided it was worth spending a bit more.
Straight from their website here it is, the Discovery 1.0

The reason for this?   My old bike was bought 27 years ago and it's showing its age.  Bearings need redoing which FIL is going to do in the meantime, but all the nuts and bolts are getting difficult to adjust as the aluminium has corroded a bit.   I'll probably end up selling the old one in the end if I can.   I've already got the second bike on Trademe; I don't like that bike, it's never been comfortable though the only thing physically wrong with it is a little surface rust.  Hope someone wants it, I could do with the space and the money


Zoe said... Best Blogger Tips

Great news, I have just done the same and got a new bike, best thing I ever did, I now cycle round to school, local shops and did an 11km ride yesterday.

jeshiko said... Best Blogger Tips

i am going to get one soon too! Glad to hear you and your family are all safe


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