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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Still a couple of days before we're back with broadband and it's running really slowly, so I'm just posting a quick update.

1.  I've lost weight!   1.2kg in the last week; hope that continues.   I have been eating better and also exercising more; went for a bike ride as soon as I got home from spinning today.

2.  Have got past the thumb for my mittens and they're looking really good.  I'm keeping notes and have decided to decrease every third row for the thumb gussett as every second seemed too steep.   Once it's finished then it'll be available free for a while; or at least until I've worked out a couple or so more sizes and had those test-knit.

3.  Citron is looking beautiful, working really well with the handspun yarn

4.  Open Windows is about to start on the chart, will check my gauge first though; love the yarn.  

5.  Finished spinning the Yak down.  It's a little overspun and underplied, but it's my first long-draw using such a short fibre so I'm not unhappy.  It'll be a cabled hat, might work something out from top down to make sure I use all the yarn.   I wonder how "blue barf" would look with it?

6. EQC.  Still waiting on a visit, also waiting on the payout for my damaged Lilliput Lane cottages etc too, will check again in 2 weeks as it seems they were waiting on info from me, but hadn't let me know.  I've now given them that info.  As an aside the Xbox is being a little less temperamental, but still having issues with 2 player.  We've found more house damage, I would be very surprised if we don't hit the $10,000 threshold for a managed claim with Fletchers.

7.  Quilting has been revisited.  I've cut out 300 little squares of 2.5" fabric to make a start on our king-sized quilt and have picked up the backing fabric.  I still need to get the batting, but I'll do that rather later.  Wish me luck!



KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like things are going well. As for the EQC - believe me, it's probably better for you if your damage is assessed as being under the 10K. At least you you should then get the money to get the repairs done yourself rather than waiting up to 3 years for Fletchers to get around to it in their own sweet time. Ask me how I know!

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