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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post earthquake, again

Yesterday was not a nice day; today is also not nice and it looks like things won't be good for a while, and for some people never again.
At 10 minutes to 12pm yesterday we had another earthquake.  This wasn't as big in magnitude as 4th September, but it was shallow and centred near town.  It felt worse than the original to me as I lurched from the sewing machine into the bedroom (less stuff in there to fall).   Our house coped ok, my hot chocolate didn't so the keyboard is now full of sticky stuff.  Cleaned that up quickly, my neighbour was home for lunch and he came to check on me which was really nice.  They were staying out of the house.   After I'd cleaned up the hot chocolate and a couple of hazards from the floor I ran down the road to the school to pick up the boys from the school field.   Yesterday that field was full of children and teachers; today it looks like this:
You can see the liquefaction at the front, the little grey bits on the field at the back are where the kids were yesterday.   Today we went for a walk down to the local dairy.  We passed a lot of liquefaction on the way, I didn't take any photo's of the worst affected area as that would have been infringing on the privacy of the people living there; but you can get an idea from the following 2 photo's of the road near there:

the bottom shot is of the hole you can see my husband pointing at; it's a sinkhole about 2 feet deep with a lot of water in it.  Someone had put a rubbish bin next to it so no-one would drive into it.   On the street I previously mentioned my husband saw a car sunk into one of these up the top of the hubcaps, my father-in-law drove my sister-in-law's car into one of them during the earthquake; the car is stuffed, but he was ok which is all that matters.
When we got to the local dairy there was a queue which we joined as we were out of milk and now that power was back we needed some more.  He was getting very low, had already packed the milk into bags of 2 to 4 bottles.  We only got what we needed which was 2 bottles and a small pack of jellybeans for the boys.  I didn't get anything else luckily as I had to pay cash which I was getting low on.    On the way back there was another aftershock; there's been a lot and some have been over 5 on the scale.  
We dropped into school which was closed to show Ian his bike was safe, he's not happy about it, but it's safe and sound
His is the green bike, so safe and sound, even if out of reach.   There's a security camera nearby so it should still be there when school reopens.   I don't think it's going to be this week though, water has only just come back on at 1.30pm and the pressure is rather low and we're on boil notice so not suitable for school to open yet.  I hate to think what the lunchboxes will be like when we get back to school, but I'm sure it'll be able to be washed.

But annoying as all this is, we're lucky! No-one hurt and minimal property damage.  We know everyone is safe; so many people do not have that luxury.

I've not got much crafting done, was in the middle of sewing quilting patches when it started and the power went.
Will post more crafting photo's once things are a bit more normalised.   That might take a while.


JJ said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Rachelle, so glad that you and your family are all well. Still waiting on news from my sister in law and a friend down there but all of my stepmothers family are safe. My thoughts are with you all down there, as I guess all of the thoughts of NZ people are.

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