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Friday, January 21, 2011

Troll Days

We had one of these yesterday.   Both boys misbehaving; it started with Ian's usual slow getting dressed, followed by me having to take them home halfway through the meat shopping.   I still have to get 5 more meats for the rest of the fortnight, but there was no way I was staying any longer with how they were behaving; I think the butchers were quite glad they were leaving too.
On the way home we needed milk and Ian wanted jellybeans.  I said no as he'd not been good enough and he screamed.   I pulled the car over, turned the engine off and the keys and I went and sat on the bonnet of the car for 5 minutes while we all calmed down.   We then went and got the milk, and only the milk before going home.
Behaviour did not improve throughout the day so the only privilege not removed was movies; and that was more for my sanity, and so I could get some work done.
The one good thing is that Thomas got to appreciate what I'd been going through when he got home as they didn't improve.
The did go to sleep fairly quickly though which was good as I needed to keep working to get all my work finished.
It was a pretty busy day for aftershocks yesterday though, so maybe that contributed.

Today seems to be better so I've treated with KFC for lunch and a juice box for each of the boys.  The weather here is pretty bad so just staying home this afternoon.  We had a visitor this morning to assess George for some carer support time, she  reckons we'll get some as well as a Kiwiable card for him which will give cheaper entry fees for some activities.  She reckons we should also make an appointment at the doctors to apply for Child Disability Allowance; not sure if she's right on that one, but I guess we may as well try; it would cover his fish oil tablets which I'm hoping will help with his concentration issues.

Right atm though, I'm doing a little knitting on my Whisper Cardigan, 3" of ribbing in laceweight takes a very long time.  


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