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Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Photo's for about 8 days

which I think is when we get our new broadband allowance.  We're not sure what happened, but a huge amount of our allowance was used up in a couple of days earlier this month.  We have a secure wireless connection so not sure what happened; but we're monitoring it.

In the meantime a few things are going on.  Thomas is still suffering with his injured shoulder, I'm thinking I may have to force him to go back to the doctors; we're wondering if he actually broke his collarbone.

I've picked up my new bike yesterday, it's nice to ride, though a little harder on my legs because it's actually set up correctly; will post a photo once I can.

Been tidying up in the hall cupboard today and yesterday; it'll take a couple of days yet though as there's a lot of stuff there; and we've discovered cracks in the floor from the earthquake as well as some crumbling concrete outside the house.   EQC hasn't come yet so will be interesting to see if they pick the cracks etc up.  I have a list of things we've noticed which I can point out if they miss them.

Knitting:   Finished Whisper cardigan, it could have been longer but I'd had enough; it's slightly longer than the original pattern.  Started a pair of socks out of my handspun, also a Citron shawl.  I've also got to the thumb on my mittens which I'm designing the pattern for and using Morag's Bug Out charts.   Got to work out the decreases now, once they're finished I'll be getting the pattern test knit after working out a larger and smaller version.


KathyR said... Best Blogger Tips

That's interesting about your broadband allowance - our son in Ashburton, who's with TelstraClear, has had the same problem recently but they do download a lot of movies. You've been waiting for EQC to come for ages! They came to us quite quickly but, since we received the sheet outlining the damage, we've heard nothing since. We're one of the unlucky ones with over $10,000 estimated damage (nothing major - mostly cracks in gib board which, we understand, they fix by relining the room hence the cost). I really wish they would get on with it. I know they really need to deal with those homes which are unfit to live in first, though.

Sounds as if you've been very productive with your knitting. Looking forward to seeing the results when you are able to post the photos.

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