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Monday, February 28, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Auction

Originally I'd planned to spin something, and I still may later, but at the moment I have my hands full with my family, all the extra work we need to do to keep them safe after the earthquake and my actual paying work which I'll be starting tomorrow.   Instead I decided I'd go stash diving and find something that people will like instead.   I decided to go with some Vintage Purls yarn, it needed to be old enough to not be affected by the failed superwash issue that came up (I kept the yarns that I had that were affected by this).   The yarn I came up with is from the Winter 2009 sock club.   It's for the yarn only, but it's beautiful yarn.

It's called "Taimi".  Now the way this works is you bid using the comments.  I'll close this off 5pm Friday 04th March NZ time.  I'll post it at my cost to the winner, but not until the winner has provided me with an emailed copy of the deposit with the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, this can be done by credit card, or over the counter; more details are here:

I figure this way I know the donation is definitely made, and you know that I didn't pocket it.   I will send anywhere in the world, not sure on timing as of course it's dependent on when my local post shop is open.  
All bidders need to put an email or Rav name in the comment as well as the amount they are bidding.


Amy V. said... Best Blogger Tips

Found this through the Vintage Purls Rav group - what a wonderful idea. I'll start the bidding with $20. Ravelry name "Bidibid".

JJ said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL If you DID "pocket it", it would "still" be helping out Christchurch earthquake victims! $21. Ravelry name "NecessaryDecadenc".

JacBer said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree with JJ :-)

I'd like to bid $24

Ravelry name Jacberkitsch

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