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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Quarry

This morning we slept in which meant we were late to the bloggers picnic at Halswell Quarry.    The boys had a great time, they headed off on a walk with Thomas while I stayed with the group and knitted on my Downton Abbey hat.   Got a bit of chatting in, but I'm not very good at that and I suspect being late didn't help as there wasn't an open space in the existing circle of blankets so we were out on the edge.   Sorry guys, I'm just not good at social situations, introvert.

I got a couple of nice photo's when Ian took off again
Ian partway up the cliff, stopped him before he got too high

Isn't this a gorgeous rock formation?
After we had lunch there we came home and I worked more on the hat, and then undid most of that work as I did the decreases incorrectly.   I did manage to finish it anyway though which was good, here it is blocking
Escargot in Cascade 220 and Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca
I also finished off a skein of spinning that I plied the other day, this is English Leicester.

Tomorrow the dishwasher repair guy is going to replace the circuit board affected by a recall, I want to pick up a parcel too, but can't till that has happened.   Might get some more done on the Central Park Hoodie, or do some spinning, or if the wind isn't too strong wash the paintwork on the gables and eaves so I can get started painting that.


Miriam said... Best Blogger Tips

The hat looks great - sorry about you being on the edge. I was pleased to see you :o)

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

It was nice to see you too, I'm just not good at social situations.

Ninotchka McKay said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous hat Rachelle - you're so speedy :D

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, things will slow down now that I'm back at work. 20 hours a week makes a ding in crafting time I've noticed.

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