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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2nd New Year post - what was done, what will be done

100 Day Hustle - how did I do?

1. Knit Breakwater Jersey for me

Well, the neck is done, I'm afraid it then went on hold.

2. George's quilt - dragon fabric arrived today

All done and in use:

3. Make my dress for summer to go with the petticoats that are coming from the USA; first one will be following the Couture Dress course on Craftsy.  I have the pattern and the calico.
This has gone on hold as I'm now doing a 1913 wardrobe for a challenge this year.

4. Polarfleece Vest for Thomas - this is here more to get the fabric out of the way and free up some space in the sewing room.
Whoops, this is still sitting on the floor in the sewing room, need to find the black water resistant fabric which is somewhere...

5. Finish knitted vest for Ian
Frogged due to the fabric being too dense for the pattern.

6. Put all sewing (not quilting) fabric into spreadsheet so I know what I have
Still in progress, but has been very handy for finding 1913 fabrics.

7.  Finish CPH
Still in progress, but at least I'm now into the main part of the front so I have hopes this will be finished by the end of summer.

8. Our quilt
Um, no progress.

9. Make Thomas more socks
Have finished one pair and cast on a third.

10. Make me more socks, including travel socks which are now up to the heel flap.
Travel socks are finished and I'm going to be in a KAL for another pair for me starting tomorrow.

I'm reasonably happy with how this went, after all most are at least showing progress or thought better of.

For the coming year I'm planning more knitting, spinning, sewing and DIY work.    I'd like to get all the decorating of the house finished once the EQC work is done as well as completing my historical sewing challenge.

I do have a couple of resolutions for this year too.

1. No more purchasing of yarn/fabric/fibre unless it's necessary to complete a project, same goes for notions; where possible use what I have.
2. Take better care of myself.   This means cutting out the sugar, trying to follow the principals of food combining better and doing more exercise. and drinking much more water.
3. Try to get work finished in a quicker manner, this will be hard though as I tend to be either fast or good, I prefer good, but need to speed up regardless.


Lisette said... Best Blogger Tips

We have very similar goals! I didn't talk so much about my health goals but I'm definitely going to try to continue eating better and exercising. I used the South Beach diet as my inspiration and lost several pounds last year, now I'm going to try out a Zumba class because I wasn't really do the exercise bit at all!
I love the dragon quilt! What kind of quilt is #8 going to be? I have so many quilting books but haven't made anything from them yet. Someday!

Rachelle said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not good on exercise either, but am going to try and fit in a bike ride each day when the kids aren't home; impossible if they are as one is a speed freak and the other is "driving miss daisy".
The quilt is a disappearing 16-patch quilt, it was from
except everyone else was using 5" squares and I'm using 2.5" squares, glutton for punishment, especially considering it was the first real quilt I ever started.

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