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Friday, January 04, 2013

17 Posts to go

until I hit 500 posts, I think I might need to do a giveaway for that.  I'll mull it over.

I finished my birthday hat yesterday and blocked it this morning.   It's from my handspun, the early stuff with kinks, overspun, underplied etc.
Tweedle is the pattern
I also got  a lot done on my 1913 skirt.   Unfortunately I ran out of thread so it's not finished.   It needs some pretty robust pressing with steam and maybe some work with the clapper.   I'm afraid I resorted to the overlocker, the seam binding didn't want to work with the fabric, probably because it's a fairly thick wool.  I've made it with a faced waist as waistbands don't work well on my figure, and using a zip as they were developed in 1913, though not readily available at that time.   So, tomorrow after the guild I'll pick up more thread and hopefully get it finished.   I've nothing to do for the next challenge as it's for UFO's and I have nothing vintage in the way of a UFO.    I might work on one of my Craftsy classes instead.

Now, what should I do next for knitting, I've got a KAL starting on 9th Jan for Downton Abbey which works in with the Historical Challenge.   I'm planning on knitting the Escargot Hat in navy and purple using a mix of my handspun and some left over commercial yarn.   I could cast on something new, but maybe I should use the next few days to work on my Central Park Hoodie.   Next question, do I take that with me to spinning tomorrow or do I start spinning my yellow Merino?   I'll see how I feel in the morning, but thinking the knitting as it's the committee meeting tomorrow and knitting tends to be more appropriate.   Half the time there will be spent unable to spin.    Next weekend will need to be spinning though, before Star steals any more of that yellow (naughty cat).


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