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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Wearable Arts

Our boys school did a wearable arts presentation, the first one was at 1.30pm today, unfortunately I wasn't well placed for photo's, but here are two of the boys in their costumes.   I'm thinking I need a better camera, but that's not an option for 3 years; more on that later.
Photo's - George, he's the one in the stripy top.  They were doing "Where the Wild Things Are", hence the growly look
Here's Ian, they were doing Deepsea Divers.  Ian's really good at avoiding photographs in this sort of situation; it's not intentional it just works that way.
Both boys did a really good job and I was really proud of them.  Unfortunately that pride didn't last.  Once they got home things went for a real nosedive.  Ian was watching Bob the Builder in the bedroom and there was an almighty crash!  He's fine, but we now have a broken TV, a broken DVD player and a rather annoyed Mummy.   George turned into a whinging, whining, grating wee so and so.  So, no icecream tonight, going to leave console removal up to DH as I won't be here this weekend.  George is back at school now for the second performance of the day and DH will go and pick him up at 8.30pm.  One more performance tomorrow night and then that's over for the show.

On other news, the bunks we had delivered on Tuesday had to be packed up again when one of the side rails split when the dowels were inserted; new ones hopefully arrive tomorrow morning and the old ones (which didn't fit back in the box properly) get picked up.  I really hope the new ones are ok, will put the dowels in first thing so I know if that's ok.  Also tomorrow Ian's carseat is being picked up and he's now using a booster seat; yay!

Further up I mentioned about 3 years before we could get a new camera; there's a reason for that.   We're increasing our mortgage repayments and fixing for 3 years.  At the end of that period our mortgage will be paid in full (the fixed part), we expect the revolving bit will be cleared by then too which will be good.  The revolving part will be kept active though for house improvements like new carpet etc.  We're also going to start Kiwisaver and once we're mortgage free we'll increase our contributions to that.

On the knitting front not much has happened, I've not been feeling well and nor was Ian so the knitting just didn't happen.  Knitting night tonight though so will be right back into it and this weekend is the knitting/spinning weekend.

One last thing, our kitten caught her 4th mouse today, brought it inside while it was still very much alive and running so I had to expose it so she could catch it and then turf them both outside.  She's very much a huntress, pity she doesn't kill them quickly but I guess that wouldn't be so much fun for her.  Hope she doesn't end up doing the rat thing; I don't want to have to try and catch one of them to put it outside.


Webfrau said... Best Blogger Tips

Go kitty! Wait until she brings you a weasel like mine did earlier this year - fortunately that was dead.

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