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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Knitscene Review

I just received the Fall 2010 Knitscene in the mail today so I thought I'd do my usual quick review, I don't post photo's but Interweave's website should have them up for you to look at

Lettuce Raglan:  I'm really not sure about this one, the basic shape is fine and I love that it's laceweight, but the collar/neckline is rather low and doesn't sit right.   If I do knit this one up I'll be raising the neckline and doing a mitred V rather than whatever the heck that is!

Lapis Yoke: This I quite like, it has some shape, the neck while a little wider than I like is still not too wide and there's some interest at the top which should take away some attention from my fluffy bits further down

Carrot Cardigan:  Shapeless is about all that springs to mind for this one, I won't be even considering knitting it.  It doesn't even meet in the front, brrr!

Aryn Tunic Cardigan: I rather like teh pattern on this, reminds me a bit of the owl cable pattern, would be a good layering piece, though I'd probably lose the belt they've put on their picture.  Pockets are a nice practical touch.

Thalweg Socks:  Cute socks, but nothing really special.  Might knit them, but there are so many others I like even better elsewhere.

Xylem Pullover:  I quite like the body on this if a little longer, but the neckline doesn't sit right and would demand constant rearrangements if I was wearing it.

Bryophyta Cowl and Mitts:  I quite like these, there's a little colourwork, but nothing too fancy.  I think I'd reduce the number of colours used though as the mitts are a bit busy.

Strata Vest:  A fairly basic vest, but that means that the yarn used gets to shine and the pattern doesn't detract from the striping.  Doesn't look like there's any body shaping which is a pity, but aside from that it's quite knittable.

Typha Scarf: Very basic triangular scarf/shawl thing with a little crochet around the edges, not sure why a pattern was needed to create this one.

Blume Hat and Gloves:  Quite like this, simple but pretty.

Xenocryst Hat:  A beanie shape but with a braided look to it, this is a must knit.

Brise-soleil Cardigan:  Very pretty and would be good for slightly cooler days.  Not cold days though as it only has one button.  Love the asymmetrical closure.  I think this one might get queued.

Northumbria Cowl:  Almost looks woven, this is another that might well be queued.  Simple, but effective.

Osciloscope Shawl:  Side to side shawl can be worn as a scarf or shawl, could do with some shaping to make it sit better, but pretty enough.  Probably not going to knit it as I have other patterns that are similar but nicer.

Dorflinger Tee:   I really like this, good for taking the chill off and pretty at the same time.  I think I'd make it slightly longer, but aside from that it's gorgeous as it is; love the cap sleeves.

Gwynedd Hat:  Love the looks of this, but unfortunately I'm wanting to move the bottoms of the bow off my face and I haven't even knit it up yet!  I think if I did knit this I'd have to sew those bits to the brim of the hat to avoid the tickle factor.

Axiomatic Mitts:  Hmm, what's the point?  You wear mitts to keep your hands warm, this only covers the smallest bit of the back of your hand.

Who Me? Cardigan: The photo's on this are terrible, got no idea how it fits and I had to go to the pattern to get some idea of whether it was a hood or a collar at the back (it's a collar).  I think I'll wait till I see it on a real person before I commit to a point of view on this.  It has possibilities though.

Brit Lit Vest: I like this one, a little longer to cover those cold bits would be good, but it's pretty, it seems to fit reasonably well and I love the back!

Quantoid Hat:  Another nice looking hat, I could see any of the men in my life wearing this one without feeling like there was any girly input.  Black and charcoal for DH I think, navy and grey for eldest and something bright for youngest.   This may even become a good standby for Christmas presents.

Pop Quiz Mitts:  Nice basic mitts with a touch of colour, I like these as well.

The Essayist Pullover:  I want this, it looks so nice and snuggly while still being pretty.  I can just see me wearing this in front of the Xbox on a cold winters night.

Balsam Jacket:  Another quite nice cardigan, but I don't know if I could cope with the inside-out look of the seaming.  It'll go in the favourites, but not the queue yet.

Alexandra Hoodie:  A fairly simple looking pattern, but there's something about the shape of the hood on this one that makes me think of ladies from Avalon riding horses in hooded capes.  I rather like it.

Whisk Cardigan:  A nice warm fuzzy looking cardi, I think they're right about it being one you'd reach for all the time.

Birthstone Cardigan:  Quite like the shape of this, but hate the fastening, it looks like it was an afterthought.

Ok, that's the lot, not one of the best Knitscenes, but still worth getting IMO; let me know what you think.

gotta go now, have the rest of my lunch, painkillers for afters and some cough medicine for youngest.


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