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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No photo's till later

I'm at the point where if I was following the pattern on my Bug socks that I'd be getting ready to do the top ribbing, however I've decided to add another bug as they're not quite long enough.  I've ordered another 50g of the green from Morag as well as some laceweight and some fibre to make the postage worthwhile.  Hopefully it'll all be arriving tomorrow.   Once the current last bug is finished then I have another sock to do.  Hoping to have enough yarn left over to do some bug mittens as well, or failing that mitts using Morag's charts.
Also did some more work on my Spiral Bound sock, it's now up to the heel turn and I've noticed that I'm turning my active needle into a banana!   Never mind, it's still working just fine, looks a bit funny though.    I want to get the heel turned tomorrow if I can so it's back to easy knitting and is my take-out sock again.
Finally did some more work on my Central Park Hoodie again too, it's now talking to me again, was in time out for a couple of months.  Unfortunately there are other things that need doing as well; things like tidying the house, getting stuff ready to list on TradeMe  and of course looking after the family.
I'll post photo's of all the knitting next time.
There has been some good news though, our washing machine saga is almost over now, the retailer has agreed to pay $150 as well as the manufacturer paying $300 so now I don't have to take them to the Disputes Tribunal.  He agreed to that yesterday, just waiting to hear how we get the money now.   And I won a skein of Madeline Tosh sock yarn!   Had to buy a lotto ticket today on the strength of that.
Will have to do a Lotto wishlist on here at some point, but there are a few of things that would definitely happen if we won Powerball.
Donate $100,000 to school and kindy
Give some to family
Pay off mortgage and set up family trust
Fix driveway
If there was enough I'd love to move out to the country, but I can't see Thomas going for that idea unfortunately.
Upgrade to a younger car.
Add on the craft room to our garage and make a book/fibre/yarn order
Engage a cleaner once a week

Wishes are free, which is good as I have expensive taste!


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