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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The menagerie increases!

Our menagerie from top to bottom.  Left is Jay (drake), right Sam (hen), next down is Sonic (grey) and Chris (brown) the guinea pigs and bottom is Smokey (female kitten).

Smokey arrived today, no charge till Friday when the vet gives her the first lot of shots, worms and flea treats her. That's going to be $93.50! She's 8 weeks old and will get fixed at 3 months.  We won't be contributing to the kitten problem in Christchurch, no matter how tempting a litter may be.  I got her for DH, but it wasn't a surprise like I planned cos his sister had asked him if he wanted a kitten and he assumed I'd got one through her (was actually a friend of their brother who had kittens).   I had already organised Smokey from Carolyn's daughter (Katriana on TNN).   When she arrived she was shivering through fright I presume, but I think she's starting to adjust.
Ian wants her to sleep in with him, he's insisting she go to bed.  He's getting quite vociferous about it.  Smokey has taken refuge on DH's shoulder temporarily.  He'll get her on his bed when she's old and big enough to cope and when she's fully house trained.  She has used the litter box once for a wee which was good.

She's very cute, it's a bit harder with Ian's refusal to understand her need for space, tomorrow will be interesting, I can see time out coming up if he won't leave her alone.


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