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Monday, January 11, 2010

Guinea pigs again

We picked up a new baby boy guinea pig today.   I think this one could be considered a rescue piggie too.   His undercarriage was soggy and mucky though he looked healthy enough.  She did say he'd been in with 6 other piggies in a small space and even with cleaning twice a day she couldn't keep them clean.   Poor thing doesn't know what to do in a decent size cage.  We introduced them in a neutral place as suggested on a piggie forum and aside from some mounting all was fine.   They're now outside in the cage and the cage has been reinforced so the local cats can't get to them (I hope).   Will go out in the morning and hope that Sonic (the newbie) has settled in and is eating and drinking well.   The whole cage is currently covered to stop the rain getting in, but still plenty of room for air movement.

On another pet-based note, DH is getting a special surprise tomorrow.   Another small furry animal will join the Crosbie clan, a wee girl kitten.  I think I'll let Ian name this one and we can present Thomas with his new pet.  My dog will have to wait, after all this expense with new animals we can't afford to get a dog as well.   The kitten will need fixing yet as we don't want kittens.


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