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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Kitten turned into guinea pigs

We actually went into the SPCA for a kitten, but they were out, going back on Wednesday for another go at that.  We were planning GP's anyway, but babies not adults.  They had no puppies either.    They were very glad that we took the GP's, everyone takes the rabbits, but GP's are easier in some ways.  They don't climb or dig so we don't have to use mesh on the bottom which is good.2 boys according to the SPCA; George has named them Chris (I keep thinking Crisp) and Shadow.  Chris is brown and Shadow is a grey agouti.    Apparently they are rescue GP's and had rather a bad start in life.  They're currently out in the ducks old house with a board on the bottom of the living area so they don't get the damp rising while sleeping and lots of straw for warmth.
I think when we get our kitten we can call our place the menagerie  :lol:
No hay yet as neither of the feed places I visited were open so had to go to the supermarket.   On Monday I'll be able to get hay which is a staple in their diet, getting low on duck feed too so more than one reason to go.
Will try and take photo's tomorrow, they're currently in their run covered in an old curtain so they can get some calming rest time.   It's been a very exciting day for them, including an unscheduled run in our lounge when Ian tipped them out (I was gettting their run fixed up).


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