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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boo Hoo

Our grey agouti guinea pig died this morning.  DH thinks a cat managed to get a paw in a gap in the cage that I hadn't noticed.  He was barely nicked, but must have died from shock poor lad.  He's been buried with full honours and now we need to find another to go with his brother Chris.  They don't cope well alone so we'll have to see if we can find a baby to introduce and bond in a neutral spot.
It's really sad, he was a rescue guinea pig and the idea was for him to have a new and happy life with us, not a short and frightening one.  I didn't even get a photo of him :(.   One odd thing, next to the wound on his neck I found a sort of worm like thing with a pointy end and a blunt end which had obviously been having a good feed as it was full of blood.
Not really a good day, I also lost one of my brolly pads for the boys beds.  It must have blown off the line in the sudden gale we had and gone sailing off like a kite.   So only 2 left for the 2 boys and we can't afford to get more atm.   They're not cheap!   
Also spent the day stacking wood for the winter, that's another reason we can't afford more brolly sheets, $500 for the winters wood kind of puts a crimp on things.


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