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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Working on my stays

Yesterday with 2 bones in on each back and all seams pinned.

Today with most of the boning done and the wooden busk in. 
I've still got some boning to do on the front part, diagonals and some horizontals.   All the boning in it so far is plastic cable ties.    Once that's all done then I'll be hand-sewing on the cover fabric and possibly a lining, doing the eyelets (by hand), binding it around the edges and then it'll be done.   This may take some time yet, certainly have missed the deadline for the project which was yesterday, but I'm not going to rush it.

I went to Fabric Vision today for twill tape for the next project which is the panniers.   I did get it, but also came home with 5m of wool blend plaid fabric in charcoal and maroon and 2m of a good solid cotton duck which will be a better base for future corsets.


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